Not walking under ladders. Never put new shoes on the table at Mobile casino UK. Saluting magpies. There are hundreds of odd and wonderful superstitions that people all know – and that many of us live by – and when it comes to betting, players are always searching for ways they can increase their success, both in bricks-and-mortar and online casinos .

Mobile casino UK decided to take a trip surrounding the world and find out exactly how these playing superstitions differ in various countries and civilizations. How many do you have heard of before?

Wearing Red

In Chinese language culture, red symbolizes fortune and joy and therefore, is identified to be one of the luckiest shades. It is found just about everywhere during Chinese language New Calendar year, and red envelopes formulated with money are given as gifts.

As such, gambling establishment players in China will wear red items of clothing to bring themselves all the best. In fact, many Chinese language casino -goers will wear red underwear as this is considered the easiest way to capitalize on the blessed coloring.

Avoiding Dogs

There’s little information on the roots of this superstition however it is the one which may prove problematic for a few of our mobile modern casino players! That is because, seemingly, gambling near a puppy is misfortune.

We are uncertain why those good males are regarded to be bad luck, but maybe that is why we have a trio of kitty capers – Feline and Mouse button, 9 Lives and Space Katz – at Mobile casino UK? We do have one doggo in a starring role – Zooko from Sushi Slot machines – and that is proven to be lucky for some winners over the last few months so we might have avoided this one.

Unlucky 13

We have all observed that the number 13 is “unlucky for a few” but from the gambling superstition that’s taken to the extreme in the gambling house capital, Las Vegas. Hotels in LAS VEGAS are so alert to the supposed misfortune the quantity 13 may bring; youwill not see a solo 13th floor in virtually any Vegas hotel.

Thankfully, Mobile casino UK is yet to venture into the world of real property. That means if you take a spin on our 5reels, nine win line basic mobile slot machines game, you will not have to stress about floor 13.

Cursing the Roulette Ball

This is another one that’s a little weird, but many people swear because of it – quite virtually! That is the superstition of cursing at the roulette ball before it stops spinning. It is a modern casino superstition that has to disperse online and considers players curse at the ball in the trust that it will land on their wagered number.

This is one gaming superstition from across the world that may get you some odd looks if you were playing our Mobile casino UK on the run, so is one you should maybe save checking out if you are in the comfort of your own home!

Crossing Your Legs

We think that sooner or later in their lives, everyone has crossedhis or her hands for good luck. However, in the wonderful world of gambling establishment superstitions, crossing your lower limbs – as well as your biceps and triceps – could be a barer of misfortune. Superstitions say that is because it creates a hurdle for you and the niceluck!

What about you? Are you experiencing any playing superstitions that you always follow? Tell more Mobile casino UK.